Polar Bear Challenge

Contribute to a Worthy Cause

Take the Polar Bear Challenge!!

I am inviting all comers to match me for each open water mile I swim this winter. My purpose is to raise awareness and money for the National Sclerosis Society.

I have a brother and sister who both suffer from primary progressive MS, the desease course is characterize by slowly worsening Neurolgic function from the beginning with no distinct relapses or remissions.Approximatatley 10% of all cases are diagnosed with primary-progressive MS. Currently, no therapies have been effective with the disease.

Here is the challenge:

Beginning the first day of winter December 21st. 2009 to March 19th 2010 I will swim as many miles as I possibly can and invite you to contribute what ever you can donate for each of those miles. I will match each dollar donation made.

FYI, I have swam over 100 miles for the last 2 Polar Bear Challenges, so donate what you can and help a good cause.

Thank You
Joseph Omran