Since 1984, it’s been our mission to satisfy the nutritional needs of our community.

In this ever-changing world where the source of our nutrition is being hijacked by “BIG FOOD”, it’s more important than ever that we become discriminating in choosing our nutritional sources.

San Francisco is a city composed of many villages, each with its own restaurants, laundromats, watering holes and markets. In the Nob Hill Village, Lebeau is the village market. Neighbors meet neighbors, chat with the staff as they pick up fresh seasonal produce, locally sourced meat and artisanal cheeses for the perfect meal.

Our produce department is head and shoulders above the rest, period. Quality, Organic, Local, Seasonal and fair prices drive our mission. Thank you, Earl’s produce and F.E.E.D. Sonoma produce Coop.

In fact, each department within the market is constantly seeking the freshest, most delicious products for your consideration. Whenever possible, we work with local producers. But whether near at hand or further afield, we strive to provide the very best at a fair price.

Responsive to our Customer’s Needs

Since we strive to provide the best customer service possible and respond to our customer’s requests to the best of our ability, we count on our customers to let us know how we are doing. If you don’t see a product you’d like us to carry or have a suggestion about how to do something differently, please let us know. If at all feasible, we’ll try to accommodate your request.

Part of the Community

Through a variety of annual events on Nob Hill, such as Rose in the Park, Movie Night or hosting a SAFE meeting and the monthly sweep, we participate in the life of our community.
We hope to see you soon in the market. But, for now take a stroll through our website.
Those in the know, shop at Lebeau!

Many things have changed since 1984, but we are very proud to be able to say that the Nob Hill Community has been very supportive; without you, we couldn’t be here.

Thank You.