Covid-19 Care Response

Hello to all our customers out there, we are implementing a new policy for the foreseeable future.

Senior Shopping Hour

Every day from 9am to 10am we will only be allowing seniors in to get their daily needs.

This is in an effort to ensure all possible safety for those who are particularly susceptible to illness, being the first customers allowed in the store before the rest of the public.

Local Delivery // Curbside Pickup

If you are within a one-mile radius of Le Beau, simply email us at to arrange delivery.

For curbside pickup, email us at

Or give our deli a call at (415) 474-1613.

We are doing everything we can to ensure everyone’s safety and that all ages feel comfortable getting their groceries.

We are temporarily & for the near future closing an hour earlier to restock. Our business hours are 9am to 8pm. We are also closing Sundays to give our hard-working staff a break for rest.

Stay tuned for daily updates! For the latest, follow us on Instagram @lebeaumarketsf

Stay safe and clean and most importantly fed during these hard times!

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Supplies are slowly starting to get back to normal levels. Paper products continue to be a challenge. Limited amounts of paper towels and toilet paper are coming in but go just as fast, even with our one package per customer policy. Lines to enter have been pretty manageable, no more than 15 to 20 mins tops. Plenty of produce is coming in, although the growing season in Arizona is done and now shifting back to Salinas and the valley, gaps are causing price spikes in certain items. The meat counter is full, no issues there. The deli is still cooking.

We are constantly responding to the daily bulletins coming from the dept. of health for safety protocols to help keep our staff and customers as safe as possible. At this time we ask that if you are sick, do not come in, send an email to and we will see that you get a delivery from one of our volunteers.

We cannot allow anyone to bring their own shopping bags into the market at this time, we have a bin at the entrance where you can leave it while shopping. As well, we ask that you do not bring your dogs into the market.

We ask for “MINIMAL CONTACT” while shopping in the market. Use our baskets, please take what you touch, give the basket to the cashiers stand on the sign on the ground in front of the counter. Once the cashier has bagged your groceries and you’ve paid via contactless payment (preferable) or credit/debit (sanitizer is available before you touch the pin pad or pen to sign). You can then take your bagged groceries.

We realize this isn’t how we normally do things, but these aren’t normal times. We are only trying to keep YOU and OUR STAFF SAFE. We are asking a lot of our staff during these social distancing times to be here and provide the necessary service of providing nourishment to our community. Please do your part to help by following these simple guidelines.

I wish to thank Richard Manso for coordinating our volunteer door monitors and Polly Rose for organizing our delivery volunteers.

Together we can help keep us all safe.
Stay well, hydrate, star gaze.

Some real ones holding it down on Nob Hill. Thank you. from r/sanfrancisco