Serving the needs of our neighborhood, plain and simple. We are consumer driven to provide the best possible service and to meeting the needs of our patrons .Our goal is to provide as pleasant a grocery shopping experience as can be found in the city. Our focus is to bring to our patrons the freshest local produce, fresh breads, meat, fish dairy and deli foods. Most of our staff are native San Franciscans who know how to take care of our patrons and neighbors.

We gladly welcome suggestions and feedback to continue this tradition to excellence, which has allowed us to thrive since 1984. As we surpass our 30th year, we are very grateful to the support our neighborhood has bestowed upon us. We have seen many businesses come and go. Without the support of our neighborhood we would not be looking forward to the next 30 years.

Thank All of You who Make It Possible.

Our Mission

To provide to our community the “Freshest”, “Local” and “Seasonal” food we can get.

We live in one of the most abundant food area’s in the world and we thrive on bringing to our community the best of the bay. We’ve recognized that we must secure the best in all fresh food offerings, from Acme bread delivered daily to Marin Sun Farms meat, a local pasture grass fed meat purveyor.

Our produce counter is 95% organic, with Earl’s Organics being our primary vendor, along with F.E.E.D Sonoma (Farmers Exchange of Earthly Delights) a micro-regional aggregation & distribution company. We also buy from Martin Bournhonesque who grows in the central valley and distributes for other small farmers in the valley.

Our goal is to satisfy the needs of our community the old-fashioned way. That’s with providing the best possible customer service. We recognize that our job is to take care of our customers who are interested in taking their nutritional needs into their own hands and shopping for themselves. After all, everyone needs to take responsibility for their own nutrition. As the food industry has evolved from a slow growth industry, to one that even tech companies want to get into, we have continued to stick to the good old fashioned customer service model. We have witnessed many changes in our 30 plus years in the food business, some for the best and some for the worst.

For the best, people are finally recognizing the need to start paying closer attention to the nutritional quality of the foods they are being offered. The worst, that 90 percent of food produced today is sold to you by ten conglomerates-Coca Cola, ConAgra, Dole, General Mills, Hormel, Kraft, Nestle, Pepsico, Proctor and Gamble and Unilever.

We need to remember BIG FOOD is Big Tobacco (Philip Morris=Altria=Kraft, General Foods, Jell-O and Post; RJ Reynolds=Nabisco). If you think “Big Food” cares about your nutritional needs, think again.

We have a wonderful team to take care of our customer’s needs. Alexander Omran , the general manager has recruited a great management team. Michael Sullivan is our Cheese Specialist and dairy manager. Casey Jones manages our Wine and Liquor dept. and general grocery.

Brandon Bishop does about everything else, from Health and Beauty aids , to frozen to Grocery and Beer. Our new Produce manager Alex Wood has been a great addition to the team. And of course, Joseph who still goes to pick out the Produce from the market. Carolyn Deniz is our in house customer service specialist , demonstrator and sample rep.

Our Meat counter and Deli/Kitchen is headed up Gabriel Daniel with the assistance of Juanita Martinez (butcher) and Jesus Rodriguez opening manager. Yes, we feel very blessed that our communities continued support has kept us thriving in a world where instant gratification is being sold as a panacea for food consumption. We know your time is valuable and do our best to address your needs and provide you with the best customer service possible. We believe in “REAL FOOD” simply made and enjoyed, come check us out.

Here are some recommended authors if you care to learn more about nutrition and where our food comes from:
Michael Pollan, Joel Salatin, Rachel Carson, Wendell Berry, Dr Robert Lustig, Bill McKibben